Motor cover

Motor insurance is probably the most competitive of all insurance policies and with direct insurers, banks, building societies and even supermarkets offering quotations it is important that clients ensure they have the correct cover. The quotation obviously plays an important part in the equation, as nobody wants to pay more than necessary, but in dealing with a registered insurance broker you are guaranteed to receive the full range of services required.

At Howard Boon, we can assure you of the following...

  • Competitive quotations obtained from a survey of over 100 policies.
  • Renewals checked annually to ensure that your current arrangement is still competitive.
  • Mid term alterations and Green Cards arranged on your behalf.
  • A full claims service from claim form to settlement plus an optional scheme for the recovery of uninsured losses such as excesses and personal injury claims.

This level of service is available in all areas of motor insurance including...

  • Private car
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Motor fleets
  • Motor cycles